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Modular PDF Solution Made By You

Secure and Sign Module

With the vast number of files being emailed and shared every day, document security is more important now than ever before. Protect and secure your documents digitally with passwords and permission levels with the Secure and Sign Module. You can also sign your documents with a digital signature.

Secure your PDF files

You can:

  • Secure your PDF with 256-bit passwords
  • Set and control permission levels
  • Approve and sign documents digitally
  • Manage digital signatures

Want to add more features? Customize your PDF Solution with the modules you need

Protect PDF with passwords

To ensure complete security of your document, the Sign and Secure module lets you set 256-bit passwords, the highest level of security in the PDF industry. By securing your PDF documents you can be sure that the content is not opened or altered by unauthorized users and that it will reach its final destination as it was intended to.

Control permission levels in your PDF

While working with your peers on your documents, some people might need just viewing access, while some might need to edit the document as well. Manage permission levels to determine who can open, print and edit your PDF documents for complete control.

Approve and sign PDF digitally

Now you can actually attach your signature to documents and digitally sign them. Soda PDF 7 is the perfect tool for maintaining control of vital or private information and for keeping it safe.