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Convert Module

Although PDF is one of the most convenient and portable file formats, it's sometimes necessary to convert existing PDF documents into other types of files or back to their original format without loss of information. Use our powerful Convert Module to instantly convert your PDFs into several popular file formats.

Convert your PDF files to

Convert your PDF files to:

  • MS Word (.docx)
  • MS Excel (.xlsx)
  • MS PowerPoint (.pptx)
  • HTML viewable in a web browser
  • Text files (.txt)
  • Images (.png / .jpeg / .gif)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)

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Convert PDF to Word

Soda PDF 7 boasts having the most precise PDF to Word conversion on the market, at a fraction of a cost of what you will need to pay for competing products.

Convert PDF to Excel

Imagine that you have received a PDF that contains tables with data that you want to collect for use elsewhere. Instead of spending time copying and pasting the data, use Soda PDF to instantly transform the content of the PDF document into an organized Excel file.

Convert PDF to Images

Receiving images in PDF formats works wonder for anchoring the picture in its place, but what about when you want to export it to another format to do some complex work on the image? Soda PDF 7’s Convert Module allows you to easily convert PDFs to image formats.