Modular PDF Solution Made By You

Insert Module

Working with multiple documents, particularly if they are all different formats, can be a headache. With Soda PDF's Insert Module, you can amalgamate all the files you are working with into one PDF document making it easier to manage and much easier to share. Organize and categorize your PDFs by inserting and customizing page elements as well as other such details into your document.

Edit your PDF files to

You can:

  • Insert new pages into your document
  • Add page numbers
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Insert images and resize them
  • Clip or crop images

Want to add more features? Customize your PDF Solution with the modules you need

Insert new pages in PDF

Ever wanted to add pages from a different file into your PDF or even just a blank page but your expensive software has not let you do it? Well, Soda PDF 6 allows you to do that and much more.

Insert hyperlinks and images in PDF

Insert clickable links into your document, as well as images to make it come alive. The Insert Module allows you to resize your images to fit wherever you need into your document.

Edit images in PDF

Along with text, the Edit Module also allows you to rework images in your PDF document. Clip and crop your images with extreme easy, without leaving your PDF application at all.