When to use pdf files – Three real life examples

Ever wondered which situations are best for using PDFs instead of Word or other formats?

Certain documents require airtight formatting, perfect combining or even, character recognition of texts locked within images. PDF files are the right format to turn to in such cases and with a powerful pdf software like Soda PDF, such tasks are simple and quick. Though this article, we will run you through three perfect situations for using PDF

PDF format - When to use

1 – When you share something which isn’t to be changed

Similar to images, PDF format is “locked” and with trusted security. Agencies and professionals can be sure their work wont be plagiarized or edited further without their permission. As Legal Scans advice, PDFs fall into the case of “it must be created in a file format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint”

it can be used in a court of law as its 100% admissible. You can use Soda PDF’s OCR PDF functionality to scan and convert your documents.

From agencies to professionals and students to musicians, all should remember to always convert before sharing. A simple click can save you from “misunderstandings”

For further reading you can join this discussion on Yahoo answers to get more information on this elegant manner

2 – When you want to maintain the format

You like the format of your CV?

Does that recipe look perfect aligned?

That that invoice look awesome enough to impress your employee?

Save as PDF and sleep relaxed. Tomorrow morning your file will look exactly like you left it on all devices and operating systems. As technology continues invading our everyday lives we expect a document to look the same in very different “environments”. From different operating systems to reader applications and even mobile and tablet devices.

As its name describes, Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.


In one sentence, when formatting and styling of documents is of top priority and we want to ensure they are being kept the same regardless the operating system or device we open the files on, use PDF as your file format. Check out about.com on http://desktoppub.about.com/od/pdfformat for a couple more tips on how to maintain the desired format when working with documents

3 – To create a pdf portfolio

We tend to forget the ease with which merge and split take place in PDF format. On PDF format your text and pages and organized and indexed in a format where splitting and merging takes place without any disrupt on the formatting, styling or quality of your original document.

Thanks to this post from the university of Luisiana , we get reminded of the PDF portfolios. By simple merging different PDF files, we can create a PDF portfolio of our work. This option is very useful when we consider that the file size on PDF files remains relatively small, while we do not get limited by nothing but our imagination.

When you need to showcase your work, findings or progress to different groups and are in need of collating different sources for one document, then remember that merging fiels or parts of a file into a PDF portfolio can save the day for you.

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How to merge PDF Files with Soda PDF 6

Merging multiple files into one is one of the most common and useful everyday tasks. Forget the multiple file management and merge your favorite books, articles and notes into one easy to manage file With Soda PDF you can merge and split files as simple as 1 2 3

Does this sound like you?

You have just submitted your work. You have been preparing your portfolio for weeks. You have dozens of files in different formats. Your USB key is full of folders, and everything is messy. You take a moment to review your submission and realize that within the maelstrom of files you completely overlooked 3 crucial spreadsheets.

panic button

You can always get provide those spreadsheets after the fact, but that isn’t professional. We want to share with you a secret which will save you time and energy when working on complex projects. One of the best tricks you can do with your pdf software is to simplify projects by merging all your files into a single PDF. PDF is an open template, with no set shape or size making it extremely reliable regardless of your need. This article is going to cover everything you need to know about combining multiple files into one.

Merging your work into one file can save you time and effort

Merging files into a common PDF is extremely applicable to people in all walks of life. Students, and teachers, can amalgamate course material. Professionally there are many applications. Artists can present all of their work in one single file. Merging files allows you to “clean up” and organize yourself in a way that minimizes the room for error.

You can merge multiple file types into a PDF. Any file that you can open with your pdf reader that can be printed can be converted into the PDF format. PDF software will use a “Virtual printer” to create new PDFs. This is why your PDF application will be listed with your printers. When printing using your PDF Application, no paper will be printed, but instead a new PDF will come to life.

Merging files will rely on the same PDF printer to create a new file. We will be using Soda PDF 6 to explain how to combine your files. Click on the video below for a visual walkthrough or follow the steps below that:

The PDF create and the PDF reader are free modules of the Soda PDF softwae

Combine files to merge with Soda PDF 6

Click on Combine Files and a window will open presenting you some options to prepare your new document. This is where you will choose which files you would like to merge into a PDF.

You need to choose your files. Add Files and Add Folder will open the familiar Browse window. Here you can navigate your computer locating files you need.

select files to convert with soda pdf 6

You can also choose to Add Opened Files. This option will add all of the files open in Soda PDF 6 to the list of files to merge. Files you add will appear in the bottom portion of the Combine Files window:

It definitely isn’t enough to simply to simply create a PDF from merged files. Soda PDF 6 provides users the option of arranging the order your files will appear in the final PDF. Simply click on a document and use the up and down arrows to rearrange document order:

Re-arrange files to convert with Soda PDF 6

The Delete or Delete All options will remove documents from the list of files to merge. We know that sometimes files come equipped with attachments. Using Soda PDF 6 you can convert the attachments within your files to PDFs by checking the box next to Convert supported attachments of the combined files.

When you are ready to create your PDF, simply click on Combine. You will see another window open advising you of the progress.

You can always cancel the merge at any time by pressing the Stop.

When your merge completes a new file will open in Soda PDF named Combine Result. You will see this PDF opening to the left of your other PDFs should you have any open.

combine files result windows Soda PDF 6

Now that you have your new PDF, you simply need to save the file anywhere. You can use the combination of CTRL + S or you can click on File and choose Save as.

Choose the location you’d like to save your file and you’re done. You will have successfully converted your file. You can always contact the Soda PDF Support Team if you need further assistance. ,/p>
Thank you for your time and hope you find this how to guide useful. Holden S. Roy


How to Convert Files with Soda PDF 6

With the release of Soda PDF 6.3, the powerful convert module allows users to convert Powerpoint files to PDF.

To ensure your file is properly rendered and its styling is maintained, Soda PDF 6.3 uses a virtual printer to convert files.

The instructions below will guide you on how can you convert files from and to PDF using the enhanced convert module

Convert to PDF from the application interface

While in the Create Module tab you will see the option From any file.

A window will open. Browse your computer and select your desired file. Once you have found it, please choose the “Open” option.

The file will open in Soda PDF confirming successful conversion.

Convert to PDF through windows explorer

Often we want to convert a file while we browse our computers files. Soda PDF allows you to convert files from within Windows Explorer, without having to open the Soda PDF application

To convert from Windows Explorer interface, you will now need to right-click on the file you would like to convert and choose “Convert to PDF”.

The file will open in Soda PDF confirming successful conversion.

As you can see converting files with Soda PDF 6.3 is easier than ever.

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Here comes Soda PDF 6.3

We’re unveiling a new edition of Soda PDF – here comes Soda PDF 6.3!

We love being at the forefront of innovation and meeting your needs, which is why we always develop effective and exciting new tools. This time, we’ve taken our flagship product – Soda PDF 6, the first fully modular PDF software – and added a load of new tools to give you even more options to work on more efficient PDF files.

On this enhanced version, Soda PDF 6.3, now includes Soda PDF Online Services, which allows you save, access, and manage your files on the cloud. Because Online Services is Internet-based, you have access to the tool and to your files anytime, anywhere – using your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Convert to PDF to Powerpoint

New features in Soda PDF 6.3 includes PDF to PowerPoint tool in the Convert module. Now you can convert a PDF to PowerPoint and start workign on your next presentation straight ahead.

Enhanced PDF Edit functionality

Our revisited, powerful PDF editor gives you the option for you to replace pages, extract images, and measure elements using the ruler and guide tools in the Edit module

In addition, you can also place watermarks and manage headers and footers in the Insert module, and compare different PDF documents in the Review module.

Designed with you in mind

You are at the center of these new developments! With Soda PDF 6.3, you now have the opportunity to design more efficient PDFs, manage your documents more easily, and have greater flexibility over the creation and modification of your PDF files. Download Soda PDF 6.3 now for free!


5 Resume Formatting Tips – Curriculum Vitae Tips

Falling victim to the myth that style doesn’t matter is forgivable when it comes to mismatched shoes and belt, but in terms of resume formatting ignoring style and formatting particulars will land you at the bottom of the pile, or worse, in the trash. Make sure you are using a good CV template to start with.

About.com offers many templates and generic tips on which one to choose based on your expertize and niche. You can go to jobsearch.about.com to get your copy. Once you open it with Soda PDF 6, it will automatically convert to PDF securing all the formatting.


1 – Pay attention to styling, fancy isn’t always better

Depending on the format you choose or are required to use, bullet points, fonts and stylistic elements may not appear the way you intended when the file is opened by the recipient. These issues can be managed by embedding the font, although that doesn’t eliminate issues altogether. Stick with default fonts and standard formats; never use a custom font if you want your resume to be viewable. The video below demonstrates how you can edit fonts using the Soda PDF software. Remember, when it comes to styling, less is more.

We like Helvetica, any simple font that is not fancy will work just fine.

2 – Visual appeal is essential

More important than style and even actual content is correctness. While using the Soda PDF editor to add and edit your information, chances are you will making a few “typo errors”. Typos or grammatical errors could cost you an interview. Often each resume is glanced over initially in 30 seconds or less. Typos will ensure it doesn’t receive a second look.

Next, don’t commit resume fraud by embellishing your achievements or lying on your resume. Although stretching the truth might help you secure the position, if your lie is discovered it will more often than not cost you the job later down the road.

3 – Be purposeful with word choices

All of the information you include should be relevant to the position and company you are targeting, but more than that, the specific words you choose need to be tailored to catch the reader’s eye. Begin phrases with action verbs and avoid repeating the same word throughout the text.

Don’t use industry jargon that doesn’t fit with the job target, especially if you’re making a career transition. Delete extraneous phrases and keep sentences short. All information needs to be specific, don’t use vague phrases or generalizations.

4 – Format your resume for electronic sending

Resumes are often emailed to employers and in some cases posted directly to a website. To protect your privacy it’s important to avoid posting your resume in a word processed version—unless specifically requested by an employer. PDF formatting boasts the advantage of guaranteeing your resume will appear the same to any viewer regardless of the type of computer they are using. An added bonus is the additional security PDF formatting lends to your documents. Unlike other formats, your file will be invulnerable to viruses. Make sure you edit the PDF properties of your CV. You do not want “John smith” to be the writer and owner of your resume.

See the video below for how you can do that through soda PDF.

5 – Ensure your resume is readable

Pay attention to the formatting guidelines laid out by the specific employer. Most generally want resumes and cover letters to be sent as a PDF file (.pdf) or Microsoft Word file (.doc). Avoid sending a .docx file—the current default version of Microsoft Word—not all systems can open and read these files, and in some cases it may appear a garbled mess to employers. Convert your CV to PDF to lock your formatting and to keep your information where you really want it to be.

converting word to pdf

Once this is complete you can start working on the changes you want to make. If you are on the run you can use an online pdf to word converter . Note though that online converters will not offer you the full functionality of a PDF software.

Finally, before sending your resume to a potential employer, send it to yourself so you can double check for errors in formatting and if possible send it to someone else who can look it over for any errors you might have missed.

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